Ontario’s land supply conundrum

We recently blogged about the return to average sales for new homes in the first half of 2012. We have already talked about how the decrease in sales when compared with 2011 can seem misleading due to that year’s record-setting sales figures. But the market’s shift toward high-rise living is still worth examining. In recent years, our industry has seen a shift towards high-density housing as a result of the Ontario government’s intensification policies which our members have respectfully adhered to.


2012 housing market measuring up just as it should

It went by like a whirlwind, but the first half of 2012 is now behind us. Working with RealNet, BILD GTA has gathered the sales data for the first two quarters of the year. While the decrease in sales when compared to last year may be interpreted negatively by some, this year is, in fact, shaping up to be just about average when you look…


Toronto has 135 green roofs and counting

The Globe and Mail recently ran a story on green roofs in the City of Toronto. BILD’s Toronto Chapter Co-Chair Leona Savoie, who also works as Director of Land Development and Acquisitions for Hullmark Developments, was interviewed by the Globe’s Brenda Dalglish about the industry’s experience with the City’s green roof bylaw.


Do kids & condos mix?

On Thursday, Deputy Mayor Doug Holyday declared that Toronto’s downtown core is not the place to raise children. The statement was made in response to downtown city councillors urging condo developers to build more 3 bedroom units suitable for young families. The proposal would have developers setting aside 10 per cent of the units in a given building for family-friendly units.


The ongoing evolution of Canadian mortgages

As you have no doubt heard, new mortgage rules came into effect yesterday. Before we get into how these will affect us, here are the basics:


Meet BILD CEO Bryan Tuckey

Bryan Tuckey has been BILD’s President and CEO for a couple of months now, and the attention he received from the media has been relentless. We finally got a chance to sit down with him the other day to get an exclusive interview for our blog readers, and you might just find a few things you didn’t catch in the mainstream media. Enjoy!    


Ryerson students present us with real solutions to real problems

One of our roles as an association is to make way for the next generation entering the industry. Through events like those by the Young BILDers Forum, we encourage younger members to get involved and engaged with BILD in order to make new relationships while learning about their industry. In order to broaden our reach, BILD has created partnerships with several Ontario schools, including Ryerson University.


Kicking off the RenoMark summer ad campaign

With summer almost in full swing, many homeowners across the GTA are planning renovation projects. We think this is the perfect time to remind them that hiring a RenoMark contractor will give them peace of mind that the job in question, big or small, is being done right.


Will Canadian-style homes start popping up in Austria?

This week, a team from BILD hosted some special guests and gave them a tour of a couple of Geranium Homes sites. The Austrian Home Builders’ Association selected the GTA as the best place to learn about wood-frame construction practices. And why not? We were happy to show them around some exemplary communities in the making.


Why mid-rise development could be a boon for Toronto

At last week’s Young BILDers Forum, we discussed the best way to bring projects to your city councillor. Naturally, the discussion veered towards the various obstacles that might get in the way of a project being seen through to completion. The discussion was a timely one. There was an article in the Toronto Star last week that identified mid-rise developments…