Housing affordability an important issue for everyone

Housing affordability is an important issue in the Greater Toronto Area, and one that has most residents worrying about what the future will hold for them and for their children.

Challenge in building affordable housing

These two terms: ‘affordable housing’ and ‘housing affordability’ mean different things and addressing the first can impact the second.

Another record month for new low-rise home prices

Prices of new low-rise homes in the GTA hit a new record high in September.

Everyone benefits from homeownership

The price of new homes in the GTA continues to rise, making it increasingly difficult for first-time buyers to afford a home.

Can you afford a new home in the GTA?

As the price of new homes continues to increase, homeownership is slipping out of reach for many first-time buyers. This is an important issue that affects young GTA residents and society as a whole.

Canadians struggle to afford a new home

A recent column in the Globe and Mail has elevated debate on the effectiveness of “smart growth” policies, highlighting the eroding abilities of millennials to afford a new home in Canada due to rising prices.

New report outlines challenges to GTA housing market

A recent report released by TD Economics confirmed that the housing market in the GTA is challenged by rising prices, reduced choice and a growing need for new and upgraded essential infrastructure.

OECD report confirms GTA affordability issue

A recent report released by the Organization for Economic Co-Operation and Development has confirmed that residents of major Canadian cities, particularly the GTA, face severe challenges in being able to afford a home.

New home sales continue to climb

New-home sales in the GTA remain strong as April figures show continuous improvement over 2013.

Creating communities out of vision of Growth Plan

Our industry is focused on creating new complete communities – and homes and businesses that people can afford – out of the vision of the Provincial Growth Management Policy and local Official Plans.