The power of alignment

Wonderful things happen when everyone works together to accomplish a common goal. On a construction site, employees from all trades have to work as a team to build a quality, safe community or else the project simply wouldn’t come together.

A few facts about the GTA’s condo market

The housing market in the GTA is experiencing a seventh consecutive month of year/year increases, which is largely driven by the high-rise sector. Yet there still seems to be a fair share of skeptics who continue to paint the picture of a bursting condo bubble in near sights.

Affordability affects all of us

Every year, the home building and land development industry is tasked with the challenge of building quality, complete communities for up to 100,000 people and 50,000 jobs that choose to come to the GTA each year.

Leadership starts with education

Several times a week, BILD staff dedicate a portion of their day to contributing fact-based, educational content for three local newspapers, a number of trade magazines and this blog. It’s our way of helping inform GTA residents about the realities of the building, development and professional renovation industry and its significant impact on their lives, but sometimes it seems like…

Looking forward by looking back

Happy New Year! We hope that everyone enjoyed the holiday season and got a chance to experience some of the special, festive events across the GTA.

Advocating for homes people can afford – Part 2

A few days ago we wrote about the province of Ontario’s consultation to review aspects of the provincial planning system. BILD and OHBA will be at the table representing the industry and new home buyers in two very important discussions: one focusing on Ontario’s land-use planning system and decision-making process, and the other on the financial components of the development…

Column Series on Development Charges

BILD President and CEO Bryan Tuckey has dedicated his Toronto Star column space to explaining the complex issue of development charges to the newspaper’s readers. The series focuses on the work that BILD Chapter members do throughout the year as various municipal and regional development charges by-laws come up for review across the GTA.

Low-rise prices continue to climb as sales hit record lows

New home sales in the GTA remained low in August while prices in the low-rise sector rose to a new record high.

Let’s start spreading the facts!

A new report released last week by the Conference Board of Canada addresses the health of the condominium market in our country’s biggest cities. The main takeaway – a crash is unlikely.

Low-rise prices hit record high while sales remain weak

Greater Toronto, August 20, 2013 – Sales of new homes and condominiums in the GTA remained low as prices continued to climb at a record pace in the ground-related sector, the Building Industry and Land Development Association announced today.