Why infrastructure matters

BILD has partnered with the Toronto Star to create a video that shows how infrastructure is the foundation of our society and essential to the continued growth and prosperity of the GTA.

Another record month for new low-rise home prices

Prices of new low-rise homes in the GTA hit a new record high in September.

Low-rise housing supply continues to slide

The supply of new low-rise homes continued to decline across the GTA in August.

Building a Habitat home

Every year BILD members volunteer to spend a day on a Habitat construction site building homes for partner families. It’s a very rewarding experience, and we were privileged to send a group of 20 volunteers to Habitat’s Brimley Road in Toronto’s east end, where 15 townhomes are under construction.

Demand outpaces supply in GTA low-rise market

The demand for low-rise housing in the GTA is outpacing supply, with homes being purchased as soon as they are brought to market.

Touring Toronto’s built-out and soon-to-be-built neighbourhoods

Recently we had the opportunity to showcase a few of the innovative approaches BILD members are taking to re-develop and turn underutilized land into complete communities across the City of Toronto.

GTA housing price gap continues to grow

The price of new low-rise homes grew to a new high, bringing the price gap between new low-rise and high-rise homes in the GTA to its highest on record.

Building communities where people play

In every complete community there are special places where people play. Whether it’s a trail system to cycle on, parks where children run and climb or recreation centres that allow a range of activities for all ages— these spaces are major hubs and often the heart of their communities.

Meet the Cernanecs – BILD’s 12th Habitat family

BILD members are strong community partners who are committed to giving back to the communities they create. A great example is our association’s community partnership with Habitat for Humanity GTA.

Building communities where you live, work and play

We all want to be part of and live, work and play in communities. And we want those communities to be complete with not only physical buildings but parks, shops, green spaces and places to enjoy.