Housing prices continue to grow as supply trends downwards

Lack of new housing supply continues to escalate prices and average prices for both new single-family detached houses and high-rise condos in the GTA reached unprecedented levels in November.


Building industry hosts affordable housing forum

The inadequate supply of affordable housing is a massive and growing problem in the GTA, and one that governments at all levels are actively working to address.


Restrictive land use policies impact housing prices

Last week the provincial government proposed policy changes that will significantly increase intensification across the GTA and mean more high-rise condos, more congestion, less housing choice and higher housing prices.


GTA new detached homes eclipse $1 million mark

The average price of new detached homes in the Greater Toronto Area has surpassed $1 million for the first time.


Provincial budget needs to include transit funds

The Ontario government is set to table its budget next week and now, more than ever, the funding of transit infrastructure across the GTA needs to be a major component of it.


Condo living on the horizon for new families

As prices of new low-rise homes in the GTA continue to reach all-time highs, more and more families are calling new condominiums home.


Filling gaps in Toronto’s budget

As Toronto City Council grapples with ways to fill gaps in its annual budget, it’s important councillors look for creative solutions and not ones that could harm a significant industrial sector and its consumers. A group of associations representing the real estate industry, including BILD, wrote to council and said that any new or increased levies will add to an…

Job creation in building and development outweighs most industries

Have you ever had to stand beside something when taking a photo, just to show how large it actually is? We felt that a recent article in the Toronto Star can help us do the same when it comes to job creation in the GTA.

Local businesses benefit from new developments

Every neighbourhood within the City of Toronto is known for its distinct identity. Whether it’s a park, a trendy café or popular gathering place, there is a sense of community that comes with it.

Building Peel

With the Region of Peel celebrating its 40th anniversary and three of the Region’s most prominent public officials retiring from politics this year, Building Futures in Peel was a special occasion for municipal staff, BILD and other industry stakeholders in attendance.