GTA new-home sales off to a slow start in January

2016 is off to a slow start in the new home building and development industry. Following one of the biggest years ever for new homes in the GTA, in January sales of new homes were down, prices were mostly flat and new inventory was limited.


Condo living on the horizon for new families

As prices of new low-rise homes in the GTA continue to reach all-time highs, more and more families are calling new condominiums home.


What will it take to rein in housing prices?

The Greater Toronto Area housing market is dynamic and complicated, and while many factors contribute to increasing prices, one pivotal way to improve affordability is for governments to recognize the effect of their policies on the prices paid by consumers.


Understanding new-home buyers

Ever wonder why homes are designed a certain way or why some buildings have more amenities than others? Almost all of those decisions are based on thorough market research looking into what homebuyers are looking for.

Enhancing outdoor space connects communities

When you think of an exceptional outdoor space in your neighbourhood, what makes it special?

Low-rise pricing reaches new heights

The supply of new low-rise housing dropped to record low levels in March, driving the prices to a record high.

Canadians struggle to afford a new home

A recent column in the Globe and Mail has elevated debate on the effectiveness of “smart growth” policies, highlighting the eroding abilities of millennials to afford a new home in Canada due to rising prices.

Strong new-home sales fuel job growth

Sales of new homes and condominiums in the GTA reached nearly 40,000 last year, creating thousands of new jobs and paving the way for job retention for years to come.

Economic impact of new condos

The residential construction industry is a major economic engine in the regional, provincial and federal economy, and is an essential part of the economic strength and prosperity of the GTA. Here’s why:

New ground-related homes hit record-high prices

The price of a new low-rise home in the GTA reached a new record-high amidst strong sales this October.