What do we do with stormwater?

During a rainstorm or after the snow melts, have you’ve ever wondered where does all that water go?


Filling gaps in Toronto’s budget

As Toronto City Council grapples with ways to fill gaps in its annual budget, it’s important councillors look for creative solutions and not ones that could harm a significant industrial sector and its consumers. A group of associations representing the real estate industry, including BILD, wrote to council and said that any new or increased levies will add to an…


Affordability of housing is important to everyone

The GTA is in need of affordable housing and there are many challenges when it comes to building more of it.


Video: Building sustainable communities

BILD worked with the Toronto Star to produce a video that defines and captures sustainable building techniques used in a Toronto condominium building by Minto Communities and a Newmarket low-rise community by Bazil Developments and Mosaik Homes.

Challenge in building affordable housing

These two terms: ‘affordable housing’ and ‘housing affordability’ mean different things and addressing the first can impact the second.

Today’s new-home sales are tomorrow’s jobs

The building, development and professional renovation industry is a major driver of economic growth and prosperity in the GTA, creating thousands of jobs across a variety of sectors.

Dedicated construction students recognized

When the catastrophic earthquake hit Haiti in 2010, it destroyed the university where Jose Junior Desravines was studying civil engineering. Born and raised in Haiti, Jose’s plan was to study hard and graduate with a degree. Without a school to attend, Jose decided to follow his parents and two sisters and immigrate to Canada.

Powerhouse Marketing 101

More than 90 BILD members gathered at our HQ on Wednesday to hear from an esteemed panel of marketing experts about the latest trends, strategies and vehicles in today’s market.

Building communities where you work

There’s a growing trend in the GTA: new-home buyers are looking to buy closer to where they work.

GTA housing price gap reaches new heights

The price gap between new high-rise and low-rise homes in the GTA hit a new record high in April, tripling over the past 10 years, the Building Industry and Land Development Association (BILD) announced today.