Purpose-built rentals can help address housing demand

After years of being dormant, the purpose-built rental market is starting to come to life again as more developers consider building rental housing but there are still many challenges in the way.


Record year for the GTA new homes market

In the GTA new homes market, 2016 was a record setting year for low inventory, high prices and high-rise condo sales.


Price of low-rise homes more than doubled in last decade

The average price of new low-rise homes in the GTA hit $887,543 in June, more than double the June 2006 average of $393,398.


What does a new detached home cost in the GTA?

The average price of a new detached home in the GTA now exceeds $1 million. This is a significant threshold that a lot of people won’t be able to meet and it’s largely happening because there aren’t enough homes out there to satisfy demand. We’ve all seen signs of demand outpacing supply; lineups in the winter to get into new…


What will it take to rein in housing prices?

The Greater Toronto Area housing market is dynamic and complicated, and while many factors contribute to increasing prices, one pivotal way to improve affordability is for governments to recognize the effect of their policies on the prices paid by consumers.


GTA Market Update at The Buildings Show

The GTA new homes market is a tale of two markets: the low and high-rise markets. Each performs differently and has changed dramatically over the last decade. This was the topic discussed by a panel of BILD members at The Buildings Show on December 3.


Net Zero – the future of green building

The way we build homes is constantly evolving, particularly when it comes to energy efficiency.

Fraser Institute releases report: New Homes and Red Tape

It takes longer to get a new home built and it’s costing more, according to a newly-released report by the Fraser Institute.

The state of the new homes market

There’s no denying it – the state of the housing market in the GTA is a hot topic of conversation at any dinner party. It’s a topic that interests homeowners, investors and even those looking to break into the market. It’s also a very complex topic.

Demand outpaces supply in GTA low-rise market

The demand for low-rise housing in the GTA is outpacing supply, with homes being purchased as soon as they are brought to market.