Development near transit benefits people and businesses

Imagine a prime piece of land near a GO station in the GTA. What should be built on it? It’s an important question, especially when you consider that this region is growing by about 100,000 people a year. Intensive patterns of development near transit hubs is just smart planning and smart growth. Having people and businesses with easy access to…


Transit needs development to be viable

Everyone is on board with building more transit in the GTA but it must be planned and delivered so that we maximize the return on our public investment for decades to come. The question is: how do we do that?


Federal funding for housing and transit good news

The recent federal budget included funding for public transit and affordable housing and that’s good news for the GTA.


Provincial budget needs to include transit funds

The Ontario government is set to table its budget next week and now, more than ever, the funding of transit infrastructure across the GTA needs to be a major component of it.


What will it take to rein in housing prices?

The Greater Toronto Area housing market is dynamic and complicated, and while many factors contribute to increasing prices, one pivotal way to improve affordability is for governments to recognize the effect of their policies on the prices paid by consumers.

Why infrastructure matters

BILD has partnered with the Toronto Star to create a video that shows how infrastructure is the foundation of our society and essential to the continued growth and prosperity of the GTA.

Cash for infrastructure should be an election issue

We will be going to the polls on October 19 to vote for a new federal government and should use the next few months to make infrastructure funding for cities – especially the GTA – an election issue.

Density needed: more people and jobs make transit sustainable

We need more transit in the GTA and we have limited funding to build it. So it’s important that decisions about where and what to build are made based on facts.

Tweet it when you see it

If you’re riding the TTC or the GO in May or June, you might want to keep your eye out for some snazzy BILD ads in the subway cars and in On the GO magazine.

Building Futures in York

The most recent in a series of Building Futures luncheons took place last week when BILD York Chapter hosted a conversation with municipal mayors, staff and officials at The Manor on February 4.