Governments need to address the GTA’s housing supply crunch

We have a shortage of housing supply in the GTA that is approaching crisis levels and it’s time for governments to acknowledge the problem and take action to address it.


Lack of housing supply and eroding affordability challenge the GTA

The Greater Toronto Area is in danger of becoming the next London or Palo Alto, places that are highly desirable but unaffordable for most people.

What’s the Big Idea here?

BILD has been following with great interest the Toronto Star’s “Big Ideas” series. This was created to collect and publish the most important issues presented to the newspaper by its readers and city experts on remaking Toronto. The process of the Big Ideas began eight months ago, and led to more than 1,000 ideas. It was whittled down to a…

Local Appeal Body has big shoes to fill

The City of Toronto Council recently decided to ask the Province to abolish the Ontario Municipal Board’s (OMB) jurisdiction over all of the City of Toronto’s planning decisions.

The power of alignment

Wonderful things happen when everyone works together to accomplish a common goal. On a construction site, employees from all trades have to work as a team to build a quality, safe community or else the project simply wouldn’t come together.

Affordability affects all of us

Every year, the home building and land development industry is tasked with the challenge of building quality, complete communities for up to 100,000 people and 50,000 jobs that choose to come to the GTA each year.

A look at what’s to come

Here at BILD, we feel that 2014 will present us with our share of challenges and opportunities as BILD continues to work with our partners in government to build safe, quality, complete communities that people can afford across the GTA.

Building Futures

In fall 2013, BILD worked with the Toronto Star to put out a four-part civic awareness series to help educate new-home purchasers about some key issues in the building and development industry in the GTA.

Parkland dedication fees prove costly for homebuyers

Earlier this year, the provincial government launched a series of public consultations to review the planning system in Ontario. One of the most important elements in the discussion will be parkland dedication for new developments.

Understanding Section 37

As mentioned in some of our previous posts, the Ontario government is currently working to improve land-use planning in our province through an 80-day public consultation process.