Builders create quality complete communities in the GTA

The home building, land development and professional renovation industry is comprised of city builders. We are the industry that conceives, designs, builds and sells quality complete communities where people live, work and play.


Video: Building sustainable communities

BILD worked with the Toronto Star to produce a video that defines and captures sustainable building techniques used in a Toronto condominium building by Minto Communities and a Newmarket low-rise community by Bazil Developments and Mosaik Homes.

Public art enhances communities

Across the GTA public art enhances buildings and communities and makes them more attractive and inviting to residents, visitors and passersby.

Enhancing outdoor space connects communities

When you think of an exceptional outdoor space in your neighbourhood, what makes it special?

Building communities where people play

In every complete community there are special places where people play. Whether it’s a trail system to cycle on, parks where children run and climb or recreation centres that allow a range of activities for all ages— these spaces are major hubs and often the heart of their communities.

Building communities where you work

There’s a growing trend in the GTA: new-home buyers are looking to buy closer to where they work.

Job creation in building and development outweighs most industries

Have you ever had to stand beside something when taking a photo, just to show how large it actually is? We felt that a recent article in the Toronto Star can help us do the same when it comes to job creation in the GTA.