Betting on football – a guide for beginners!

Betting on football

In this article, I will show you the most popular types of football bets that bettors regularly place at the online bookmaker. I will also briefly introduce bets such as Asian handicap, European handicap, DNB, Wincast/Scorecast or lay/back type bets. Despite the fact that most bettors are aware of these concepts, a beginner has no way to know and therefore I believe that the following information can be really useful for them and not only. At the same time, this article can help you discover interesting betting opportunities that you have somehow neglected until now. What will be discussed below?

1X2 betting – the most popular option for football

In a football match, the goal of both teams is to win. This was already the case at the time of the appearance of football, and therefore it is not surprising that the very first type of bet that appeared was precisely the 1X2. This has always been the main type and it will always remain so, because this is what football matches are about: who will be the winner. Almost instinctively, we catch our eye on this type of bet and it is inevitable that it will always be the most popular bet for both players and bookmakers.

For example, at all bookmakers, when you visit the offer, you will see the 1X2 multipliers next to each match. If you are also interested in other bets, you must open the betting page of the given match.

1X2 bets – problems and alternatives

Even though they are very popular, 1X2 betting is not always the best option. First of all, if a match is very even, then this type of bet can be a problem, since all three final results are possible: home win, away win and draw, so you have a one in three chance of hitting the right result. Another problem arises in the case of untied matches. Maybe if we want to bet on the team with a chance, but if the winning odds are only 1.05, then such a bet is not worth it. Sometimes we are better off choosing other types of bets to eliminate the above problems.

Other popular types of bets on football

Betting on football

After 1X2 bets, the most popular is probably the under/over 2.5 type. If you bet under 2.5, it means that a maximum of 2 goals can be scored in the given match. Conversely, if your bet is over 2.5, you must score 3 or more goals to win. Bookmakers offer other odds such as 1.5 or 3.5 or other options for goals such as the number of accurate shots in a match, the number of goals in the first/second half, how many goals each team will score individually or whether the number of goals will be even or odd. will be born.

Lay/Back bets

In this case, the bookmaker takes on the role of the office, while the bookmaker only mediates the exchange. You can offer bets yourself at certain odds, which will be approved if another bettor agrees to play it. A “back” bet is a normal bet, exactly as if you were playing at a bookmaker. Lay is the opposite of back, so you are betting that an event will not occur. Let’s say that in the case of a Villareal Barcelona match, the following odds are offered for the victory of the Catalans:

Back Barcelona @ 1.31 – Barcelona win. If you bet 10 euros, your winnings are 13 euros.

Lay Barcelona @ 1.33 – Barcelona not to win. If you enter an amount of 10, it means that you will win 10 euros in the event that Villareal win or draw. In this case, your bet will actually be only 3.3 euros.

Half time/final results bets

Betting on football

The multipliers are quite high, since there are already 9 possibilities here. In practice, you have to guess the result of the half (1X2) as well as the final result (1X2). of course, the highest odds are on the 1/2 and 2/1 bets, where we expect one team to lead at half-time but the other to win in the end. In this case, the multiplier is at least 15, but can reach 60-70, depending on the match.

Exact result bets

Another very popular bet with high odds is the ‘Exact Score’. As you can already guess from its name, its essence is to find the exact result. Generally, the lowest odds bet is 1-1, at least for balanced matches. Many bookmakers offer the exact result not only for the final result of the football match, but also for the half-time.

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