Bets on goal scorers

Bets on goal scorers

Such bets are found only for the big European championships or for matches between the Champions League/Europa League/national teams. For example, in a Barcelona Real Madrid match, we can make the following bets:

  • Messi scores the first goal
  • Benzema scores a goal in the match
  • Messi scores two goals
  • Kick benzema

Usually all players in both teams are on offer, not just strikers or important players. Of course, this also depends largely on what match we will play for.

Types of bet

Bets on goal scorers

There are reception offices where we can receive in a match for corner kicks. Usually the following options are offered: under/above, the number of corners of the domestic band, the number of guests’ corners, the multi -corner -kicking together, hendicpe corners, etc. It should be borne in mind that the bets on corners are more offered in larger European championships, but there are also some exceptions.

Bets for pages

The most popular bets for the pages are: under/above, first page, last page, multi -card band, bet on red cards, etc.

Bet for eleven

You can also welcome the team that will get a penalty in the match, to get the penalty or not, the time interval when the penalty is judged, etc. The Sportingbet (waiting for a great bonus) is rich in this area, and for other offices you may not find this bet at all.


Bets on goal scorers

If you really feel lucky, you can make scorecast/wincast bets with very high multiplings. The essence of the scorecast bet is to hit the name of the goal scorer (first, last, at any time) and the exact end result at the same time. Wincast is a bit easier because it is enough to hit the winning team with the identity of the goal scorer (1×2). In this regard, Unibet’s offering is the richest (open an account now).

Online bookmakers with rich football offers

There are online bookmakers that offer hundreds of different betting options for certain matches, so you are sure to find the right thing for you. At the same time, you need to know that not all reception offices offer the same opportunities: there are some that specialize in the Asian handicap, others on the European handicap. There are some where you can find corners, cards or own goals on offer, and others can rather receive penalties. In some places, we can receive interval every 15 minutes, elsewhere every 5 or 10 minutes. We could still continue a series of examples.

Because of the above, it’s not a bad idea to have multiple offices at a time. This way you can not only receive the highest multiplier every time, but you will also find the opportunities you are interested in. So here are 2 online sports betting agencies we recommend if you are a beginner.

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