The GTA West Corridor is a much needed link

The GTA has experienced considerable growth in recent years and with it we’ve seen a huge increase in traffic congestion. The roads that move people and goods across the GTA haven’t been able to keep up with the increase of vehicles using them.


Outdated zoning bylaws act as barriers to intensification

Outdated zoning bylaws in municipalities across the GTA are contributing to our worsening housing supply shortage, further eroding choice for new home buyers and ultimately adding to the price growth of new homes.


OMB plays a key role in provincial land-use planning

The Ontario Municipal Board (OMB) is a needed third-party body that provides a public forum for appeals on local land-use planning matters.

Growth Plan review – working together for a greater GTA

As the Ontario government continues its review of the Greenbelt and the provincial Growth Plan, we’re proud to report that our association has been at the table, working together to build quality, complete communities for our region’s growing population.

We built this city from the ground up

Walking through the streets of downtown Toronto, it’s hard not to notice the efforts of all the people who helped build this city.

Chow, Tory face off at OHBA mayoral debate

Olivia Chow and John Tory went toe to toe in a one-on-one mayoral candidates debate hosted by the Ontario Home Builders’ Association on Friday.

Local Appeal Body has big shoes to fill

The City of Toronto Council recently decided to ask the Province to abolish the Ontario Municipal Board’s (OMB) jurisdiction over all of the City of Toronto’s planning decisions.

BILD launches the Breaking Ground civic awareness series

As part of its 2014 communications strategy, BILD has once again launched a civic awareness campaign with the Toronto Star.

Creating communities out of vision of Growth Plan

Our industry is focused on creating new complete communities – and homes and businesses that people can afford – out of the vision of the Provincial Growth Management Policy and local Official Plans.

Affordability affects all of us

Every year, the home building and land development industry is tasked with the challenge of building quality, complete communities for up to 100,000 people and 50,000 jobs that choose to come to the GTA each year.