Challenge in building affordable housing

These two terms: ‘affordable housing’ and ‘housing affordability’ mean different things and addressing the first can impact the second.

We built this city from the ground up

Walking through the streets of downtown Toronto, it’s hard not to notice the efforts of all the people who helped build this city.

Intensification plays a key role in transit discussion

With more than 100,000 people and 50,000 jobs coming to the GTA every year, there have been many discussions on how to shape the city’s transportation system to fit the growing population.

Creating communities out of vision of Growth Plan

Our industry is focused on creating new complete communities – and homes and businesses that people can afford – out of the vision of the Provincial Growth Management Policy and local Official Plans.

Understanding Section 37

As mentioned in some of our previous posts, the Ontario government is currently working to improve land-use planning in our province through an 80-day public consultation process.