Filling gaps in Toronto’s budget

As Toronto City Council grapples with ways to fill gaps in its annual budget, it’s important councillors look for creative solutions and not ones that could harm a significant industrial sector and its consumers. A group of associations representing the real estate industry, including BILD, wrote to council and said that any new or increased levies will add to an…

Building communities where people play

In every complete community there are special places where people play. Whether it’s a trail system to cycle on, parks where children run and climb or recreation centres that allow a range of activities for all ages— these spaces are major hubs and often the heart of their communities.

New-home owners deserve their parks

A recent series of articles published by Spacing Magazine identified a number of issues surrounding parkland dedication in the City of Toronto. Their thesis: the City of Toronto has the money, why not build new parks?

BILD launches the Breaking Ground civic awareness series

As part of its 2014 communications strategy, BILD has once again launched a civic awareness campaign with the Toronto Star.

Submissions to the Provincial Government

The land development, home building and professional renovation industry’s submissions related to the Development Charges Act and Land Use Planning & Appeals Systems consultations were recently submitted to the Province.

A look at what’s to come

Here at BILD, we feel that 2014 will present us with our share of challenges and opportunities as BILD continues to work with our partners in government to build safe, quality, complete communities that people can afford across the GTA.

Understanding Section 37

As mentioned in some of our previous posts, the Ontario government is currently working to improve land-use planning in our province through an 80-day public consultation process.