Top 10 Rules worth followed in casinos

Top 10 Rules

For those who regularly go to roulette, play cards, a slot machine, it is not a novelty that we need to adhere to certain ethical standards in order to have a good time in gambling and others.

Here are 10 important rules of how to behave in the casino!

1. Dressing

First we start dressing … The casino is not an opera, so you don’t have to prepare the tuxedo, but not even the little evening. No matter how shimmering the environment is enough to dress pretty, sophisticated, restrained. The other extreme is that in Las Vegas it is common for tourists to walk from one casino to another in shorts and colorful jerseys in shorts, mainly because of the high heat, but we should not. Give it a way and dress pretty, restrained. The main rule is to find out what clothing the casino expects.

2. Don’t take photos!

The special environment, the exciting events, are tempted for photography, but don’t do it! Most casinos certainly don’t look good when players or the game itself are photographed, and there is a place where it is forbidden. So it is better to put the phone or camera away and try to take the experience with us as an eternal memory.

And if the recall is not good, we can return from time to time …

3. Carefully with alcohol!

Alcohol is a common accessory for fun, relaxation, including casino. It is good to relax with a glass of wine or cocktail and enjoy the evening. However, make sure that the casino is not a pub, so we should not set up for ourselves. A drunk, loud, aggressive non -properly behaved player is sure to be in the undesirable category.

4. They don’t belong to everyone’s emotions

Top 10 Rules

The casino is the place where we can live extreme emotions one night, depending on whether Fortuna is just by us. We can be angry or disappointed with a big loss, and with the big prizes we can feel like jumping out of our skin and horning our joy. But don’t do it! We do not say that we should not be happy or suppressed, but do not give them an extreme voice. It doesn’t belong to the whole casino…

5. How to communicate?

The guests next to the game tables did not come to play a long speech with us, but want to play and win. Therefore, it is better to have a superficial, polite, short conversation, or if it is important to talk and talk to someone, choose the bar or restaurant instead of the card table.

6. Does the mobile phone have a place at the roulette table?

No, no! For many reasons. On the one hand, a phone ring or a conversation can distract the players’ attention, disturb them, and on the other hand, it doesn’t make us good light on us if someone assumes that we ask for help by phone, or maybe take a secret. Therefore, it is worthwhile to hold all electronic devices in our bag or in the wardrobe. If you really have to, go aside and talk there on the phone.

7. Lots of pretty lady…

There are many pretty ladies between the staff and the Krups. It is true that the atmosphere of the evening and the couple of cocktails make some visitors, but you have to follow the rule of decency not to be intrusive! The ladies are not there to talk to you or have fun with you, but rather their goal is to conduct the games as smoothly as possible and to do their job.

8. Learn the rules of the game!

Top 10 Rules

It is worthwhile and appropriate to inform the rules of the game before we sit down to play at a table. On the one hand, they also make it easier for us to win, and on the other hand, we do not take time away from the rest of the crops in each stage of the current rules.

9. Contact with Krupi

And if we’re at Krupia … How to communicate with him? A polite short conversation can fit in, but don’t keep it, as you have to pay attention to the other players.

Many casinos are characterized by mourning, so let’s try to adapt to the rules of the house in this regard as well.

10. Do you give a tip?

And yes, finally, to whom should we give a tip? Of course, in the bar, the restaurant, as we have become accustomed to in other similar places, approx. The usual amount is about 10 %. However, in the casino, when you leave each table, Krupia also gives a tip, especially if you leave with a significant win. However, there is no need to overdo it, it will do a few dollars. There is no need to enforce the usual 10%here … for obvious reasons.

It is worth considering the above rules and recommendations. If we follow these, we will have a wonderful night, we will be guaranteed to feel well and cloudless, and moreover, others will enjoy our company … However, if we choose online casino, we will have to pay much attention to a lot of rules.

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