The two most important parameters of online slots are RTP and volatility

parameters of online slots

Now that the girls are out of the way, we can safely talk about the two most important parameters of online slots, RTP and volatility, also known as variance. Very often mentioned terminologies, the knowledge of which is essential for players. You need to know these two factors in order to make the best possible decisions in the game and to be able to minimize your losses, thereby giving you a real chance to win.

The RTP, i.e. the Return To Player indicator, shows what percentage of the money deposited into the online slot machine during its life cycle, i.e. its entire lifetime, is returned in the form of winnings. Today’s modern slot machines have an RTP indicator of around 96%, i.e. 96% of the deposited money is returned. Attention, this does NOT mean that if a certain player sits down to play, he will get 96% of his money back during the given playing time. An RTP of 96% means that the machine will return 96% of all the money they have ever paid to all players over its entire life cycle. This ratio could easily mean that individual players are losing a lot of money. The RTP indicator therefore shows what percentage of the deposited money is returned by the given slot machine in the long term, and the variance shows how the given machine pays. By explaining the three stages below, the change in winnings and odds ratios becomes understandable:

  • High Variance pays larger amounts, but very rarely.
  • Medium Variance pays smaller amounts more often.
  • And Low Variance pays small amounts, quite often.

All degrees of variance: low, medium low, medium, medium high, high, these are usually indicated on a scale from 1 to 5, where the number five indicates high high variance.

Variance therefore shows the frequency with which winnings occur.

parameters of online slots

The slot machines can also be selected according to variance, depending on the game type and style you like. The RTP and variance indicators are all available in the game description, do not start playing without knowing these parameters.

We advise you to avoid games with an RTP indicator below 96%, in 2021 an RTP indicator of 96% is considered a kind of standard. In terms of RTP, you will find slot machines between 93 and 98%, an RTP of 93% is definitely considered outdated and risky, below 96% the game is not recommended. In terms of volatility, you can also choose a slot machine depending on your mood, what kind of mood you are in, would you risk more seriously, for rare but bigger prizes, or would you rather just spin casually, for smaller prizes, but they should appear more often during the game. In most online casinos, it is also possible to list slot machines according to variance. In slot machines with a high variance, you can win more serious prizes, but very rarely, while with a low variance, you can win smaller prizes, but much more often. And between these two extremes are the degrees of this, as we have already told you above. With a high variance, you take a big risk, there is a high chance that you will lose your money. A slot machine with an RTP of 97% can be played with confidence, for example, combined with a low or medium variance, it means that we can run into small and medium prizes relatively often. Older online slot machines are characterized by a lower RTP indicator, from slots with an RTP indicator below 93%, you can tell almost at a glance that we are dealing with an older slot machine.

High rollers are specifically looking for slots with high volatility, or betting incredible amounts with very high risk. But if the Jackpot hits, there are also serious prizes. The problem with high rollers is that they play gigantic sums, and if you put the money played and the money back in the form of jackpots on the balance sheet, the money lost leads the way. We recommend online slots with an RTP of over 97% for average casual players who are just looking for a little relaxation, and for wild high rollers.

The small description within the game always includes the RTP indicator and volatility/variance of the given game, in our case an online slot machine. If a game does not indicate these parameters, or if you do not find the given online casino in the description of the game, it is not worth playing that game, and the casino can also be questioned if it does not indicate all basic data about their games.

We recommend conscious play, know exactly all the parameters of who is responsible for what, why you are doing what. We recommend that you decide before playing how much money you want to play that day, set an upper limit for losses, and dividing the daily amount into smaller amounts of money can also help you keep things under your control. Play with smaller amounts, in the longer term, divided into small units, you can go to the next slot machine after a given amount of money, the main thing is to always know where you are in terms of finances as a whole. Transparency and constant monitoring of finances help prevent anxiety so you don’t get caught up in it all.

The issue of healthy gaming behavior is very important in the world of online gambling, you may find yourself in the middle of a serious addiction problem without even realizing it. A healthy attitude, knowledge of the games and their indicators, on the other hand, create great opportunities for leisure entertainment in online casinos, with excitement that you cannot experience anywhere else. Always be aware of the RTP percentage and variance of the particular game you are about to play. If you know this information, do not start playing, plan in advance how much money you can use that day, or play longer with smaller amounts. By following these few good tips, you can pursue an enjoyable and more successful gambling career in the long run.

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