The principle of the slot machine

principle of the slot

Slot machines are the most popular games in land-based and online casinos, the main attraction of which is their simplicity. Handling the machines is very easy, basically you enter the size of the bet, pull the lever/press a button and luck takes care of the rest. With minimal intervention, you start a process over which you have essentially no influence, yet the very fact that you start the reels yourself, and with some slot machines you can stop them yourself, gives you a sense of control.

Slot machines are equipped with several parallel reels on which different symbols spin in parallel. You can win if a sufficient number of the same icons stand in the correct shape. The ancient slot machines were equipped with three reels, in which you won by spinning three identical symbols in a line, and later they were also equipped with winning lines, i.e. the three identical symbols could also be located diagonally across, and then more and more shapes were introduced. In modern slot machines, other mechanisms responsible for winning can also operate, when, for example, the same, tangentially adjacent symbols are already winning. In other words, those identical symbols that are tangent to one side of the symbol are considered a big winning parcel. Depending on the gameplay mechanics of the given slot machine, the identical/winning symbols may disappear immediately and be replaced by new, fresh icons, which further increase your chances of winning within the given round. This essentially means the basic principle of operation of all slot machines, be they online or classic machines. The symbols can represent countless themes, which can be provided with the background, additional elements of the graphics, matching sounds and music, which further strengthen the mood and atmosphere of the given slot machine, further helping you to forget about it.

Therefore, the reels are the surfaces that spin from top to bottom, on which the symbols are visible, on which you have to watch the formation of winning shapes.

The number of paylines shows how many lines/shapes the winning symbols can appear on. The exact location of the winning lines, on which identical/matching symbols can be located, is indicated in the description of each game, and it is often already shown in the intro of the game which lines and shapes you should pay attention to.

principle of the slot

The value table shows how many symbols are worth when you spin them. Depending on how many you spin, their value increases, three identical symbols are worth less than four or five. This value table can also be found in the description of each game.

The RTP indicator, i.e. the Return To Player indicator, shows what percentage of the money paid into the online slot machine is returned in the form of prizes during its life cycle, i.e. its entire lifetime. Today’s modern slot machines have an RTP indicator of around 96%, i.e. 96% of the deposited money is returned. Attention, this does NOT mean that if a certain player sits down to play, he will get 96% of his money back during the given playing time. An RTP of 96% means that the machine will return 96% of all the money they have ever paid to all players over its entire life cycle. This ratio could easily mean that individual players are losing a lot of money. The RTP indicator therefore shows what percentage of the deposited money is returned by the given slot machine in the long term.

And the variance shows how the given machine pays. High Variance pays larger amounts but very rarely, Medium Variance pays smaller amounts more often, and Low Variance pays small amounts quite often. The degrees of variance: low, medium low, medium, medium high, high, these are also usually indicated on a scale from 1 to 5, where the number five indicates high high variance. Variance therefore shows the frequency with which winnings occur. The slot machines can also be selected according to variance, depending on the game type and style you like. The RTP and variance indicators are all available in the game description, it is worth playing knowing these parameters. Without knowing these data, we do not recommend playing the game, we recommend playing consciously, know exactly all the parameters, why you are doing what you are doing, how much you can lose, and we recommend dividing the amount of money you can play into small parts.

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